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TeslaMate – DigitalOcean Docker (Step-by-step installation guide)

There are a few commercial services that provides logging for Tesla vehicles, TeslaFi, LinkMyTesla, Teslascope and a few others. These often cost money and all of them requires you to “give up” your Tesla account username and password for the service to function as intended.

TeslaMate on the other hand is a self-hosted data logger for Tesla vehicles. Which means you can install it locally and within your control, without giving away the Tesla account credentials to a third party.

This particular guide is focused on installing and getting TeslaMate up and running using a virtual computer from DigitalOcean. It is not for free, but it can be a very cheap alternative if you for some reason don’t like using the commercial services available.

Simply put – the perfect setup if you want total control and privacy!

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