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TeslaMate – DigitalOcean Docker (Step-by-step installation guide)

There are a few commercial services that provides logging for Tesla vehicles, TeslaFi, LinkMyTesla, Teslascope and a few others. These often cost money and all of them requires you to “give up” your Tesla account username and password for the service to function as intended.

TeslaMate on the other hand is a self-hosted data logger for Tesla vehicles. Which means you can install it locally and within your control, without giving away the Tesla account credentials to a third party.

This particular guide is focused on installing and getting TeslaMate up and running using a virtual computer from DigitalOcean. It is not for free, but it can be a very cheap alternative if you for some reason don’t like using the commercial services available.

Simply put – the perfect setup if you want total control and privacy!

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Surveillance Detection Scout – Your Lookout on Tesla Autopilot

Surveillance Detection Scout is a hardware and software stack that makes use of your Tesla’s cameras to tell you if you’re being followed in real-time. The name, as you likely gathered, pays homage to the ever-effective “Surveillance Detection Route”. When parked, Scout makes an excellent static surveillance practitioner as well, allowing you to run queries and establish patterns-of-life on detected persons.

Scout currently supports Tesla Models S, 3 and X, running license plate recognition on 3 camera feeds to alert you in real time if you’re being followed. When you park, Scout remains vigilant, implementing familiar face detection as well. By combining timestamped vehicle location data & video, computer vision and an intuitive web interface, it becomes apparent that Scout has just as many offensive as defensive applications. Over time, SDS captures and reports on observed patterns of life, allowing you to quickly gain an overview of your surroundings (or your target) with minimal effort.

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Tesla Model S – First hand experience

Ok. So this logo has become quite familiar around the world. And no, it’s not a YouTube phenomenon, some Facebook posting or a Vine clip gone crazy popular. No, it’s something quite different. An electric vehicle company.

But why so popular and why is everyone head over heels in love with it? Here’s why (the short version); it’s a game changer.

And that is exactly why I have ordered one.