Make Preview great again! (Fix MacOS High Sierra to open multiple PDFs in one window)

The case:

With macOS High Sierra came Preview 10.0, thus taking away our ability to open multiple PDFs in one window (or a single tab, if you will).

How to get the old behaviour back:

  • Copy with version 9.0 from a computer still running macOS Sierra, or from a Time Machine backup
  • Alternatively, checkout this repo or download
  • Move to your User/Applications folder (not the one in the sidebar, but in your Home folder – create it if necessary)
  • Set (9.0) as default PDF Viewer for all PDFs

PS! If you need Preview 9.0 for all users, rename it to and move it to the root Applications folder in the sidebar. Make sure you set it as the default PDF Viewer as well.

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