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Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 slow and laggy – FIX!

One of the new features in Office 2013 is Hardware Graphics Acceleration which is supposed to improve performance. It doesn’t always work well on older computers (and even some new ones). Symptoms include slow switching from views such as Mail, to Calendar, to Tasks, etc,┬ácursor hangs randomly, and Outlook freezing for a few seconds (or even longer and finally stops responding).

The solution? It’s quite simple actually. Just disable the hardware graphics acceleration via Outlook Options -> Advanced -> (Display) Disable hardware graphics acceleration. Restart Outlook and it should be snappy again!



The GT5 Matrix – Complete guide with credits/XP Spec 2

Have you noticed how hard it is to be able to find all the info you need when it comes to Gran Turismo 5?

– Master car list?
– Credit grinding guide?
– Event list and reward cars?
– XP (Experience) levels?
– Trophy list?
– For both A-spec and B-spec?

Well, wonder no more, as garbuckle (GTPlanet) have created the ultimate guide. The main page is a matrix of credit/xp formulas for all the events. With overview of cars, gears, items, trophy and much more.

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